24h OCR Challenge

Steel medal in an unconventional shape with colour print.

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Intriguing medal for the 24h OCR Challenge

Athletes have always been awarded medals. They are not only a memento, but also a symbol of the victory. Today, the choice of medals is huge, so the organizers of the competition can prepare projects that will intrigue athletes. One of such is a WinMed steel medal prepared for the 24h OCR Challenge. We cut out its unusual shape with a laser. This precise and fast cutting enabled us to make a modern and dynamic medal which is just perfect to the smallest detail. Its surface is covered with a colourful UV print that shines beautifully in the light. What’s more, the figure of a runner in the central part perfectly emphasizes the three-dimensionality. Thanks to it, the characteristic element can be felt under the fingers. In addition, the consistent design of the medal is complemented by a personalized ribbon.

Medals dedicated to your event

As an organizer of obstacle courses, you certainly know that a large part of the competitors take part in the race cyclically. Therefore, it is important that the medals are unique and do not repeat in the runner’s collection. And even better, if they share a common theme. Our company approaches each order individually so all our OCR medals are one of a kind. Our most modern machine park in the industry, years of experience and the team with passion are the guarantee of all this. With us, you can do virtually any project. Even the most complicated one, using non-standard materials or forms. All this to make the final effect amazing!

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Features of the medal:

Any shape
55 x 75 mm
standard ribbon

Personalization techniques used:

Laser cutting
UV 3D printing

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