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PC Master Challenge

Modern thick glass statuette on a 3D printed base.

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Unique glass trophy for the PC Master Challenge

At WinMed, we create custom trophies to individual orders. For this purpose, we use various materials and forms. One of them is 3D printing. Such a unique element was added to the trophy that we made for the PC Master Challenge. This unusual statuette consists of thick glass cut into an original shape. On its surface there is a colourful print in matching colours. The whole thing is placed on a 3D printed base. This makes the trophy stunning and one of a kind. Its shape and form fit perfectly as a prize for the final edition of the PC Master Challenge program for computer enthusiasts.

Unusual solutions for your event

All our clients value individuality. That is why, we approach each of their orders in exceptional way. We make every effort to ensure that the final effect is fully in line with their expectations. Many years of experience, passion and the most modern machinery in the industry help us create awards using unusual materials and forms. With WinMed, you can let your imagination run wild and create a trophy that no one will pass by indifferently.

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Used materials:


Personalization techniques used:

Laser cutting
UV printing
UV 3D printing

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