Wooden statuette with a precisely cut openwork element.

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Business statuette for the MVHH

Rewarding plays a key role in business. It not only distinguishes an employee or a partner, but also motivates and encourages further cooperation. One of our clients, who made a business statuette for the MVHH in WinMed, knows this very well. Its amazing appearance is the result of a combination of metal, wood and colour printing. The metal element with the logo inside the wooden frame definitely attracts attention.

Modern trophies tailored to your event

As an organizer of sports or business events, you know best what participants look for in prizes. So we want to give you the opportunity to fulfil all these expectations, using custom-made statuettes. Thanks to them, you can create any design that will take into account the shape, size or colour of the prize you choose. You can also decide on the materials that you can combine with each other. Therefore, we can help you create a trophy designs you will proudly give to participants of your event.

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Used materials:


Personalization techniques used:

Laser cutting
UV printing
Powder coating

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