27th School basketball tournament

Simple wood and metal trophy with a colourful print with a basketball motif.

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Trophy for the 27th School Basketball Tournament

The 27th School basketball tournament is an event that showcases the talent of each team, as their games display a unique blend of individual and group skills. It is important to recognize and honor all participants, both the standout players and the top teams. To achieve this, the bespoke trophies created at WinMed are the perfect solution. These customized awards are designed to distinguish the achievements of everyone involved in this basketball tournament. This time we have prepared the statuette which is a combination of classic wood and metal cut with a laser. Looking at the statuette, the first thing that catches your eye is its unusual and precise shape. The colourful print that we applied on its surface also looks beautiful. Thanks to the matching motif, the whole fits perfectly into the atmosphere of basketball games.

Original statuettes for every sports competition

Our company makes custom trophies which have been awarded at every possible sports competitions, even at less popular ones. This is possible thanks to creating individual projects which are implemented by means of use of various materials and forms. Our most modern machine park in the industry makes us open to innovative ideas. Every day WinMed creates memorable trophies that delight and increase the popularity of sporting events.

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Used materials:


Personalization techniques used:

Laser cutting
UV printing

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