Elitines Jauniu Lygos Cempionatas

Round medal in three classic transparent colour versions. Interesting personalisation elements are responsible for its unique character

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Round medal for Elfines Jauniu Lygos Čempionatas

A classic design can also stand out and catch the eye. All you have to do is elaborate the right design and implement it. This is exactly what we did while designing the medal for Elitines Jauniu Lygos Čempionatas. This steel medal was created using a steel die. What is important, it was presented to all participants who reached the podium. For this reason, it had to be made in three colour versions. In addition, each of the three medals was attached to a different, colour-matched ribbon. However, the main element that catches the eye is not the colour of the medal, but its surface decorations. At Winmed, we specialise in perfect finishes of our medals. This is why numerous decorations and lettering, which can be felt under your fingertips, are perfectly reproduced.

Unique medals for your football tournament

Football games usually attract numerous athletes and fans cheering on the stands. At such tournaments, footballers are awarded with prizes in various categories. Undoubtedly, each of them deserves a suitable commemorative medal to bring back fond memories of their success. For this reason, for years, we have been designing football medals fully tailored to the event at which they are to be presented. Extensive personalisation options, including the choice of shapes, colours, sizes or materials, enable us to craft dazzling medals. Scores of footballers will certainly want to compete for such a prize.

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Features of the medal:

Round shape
Ø 50 mm
Antique silver
personalised ribbon

Personalization techniques used:

High pressure casting

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