Detska Tour Petrasagana

Cycling competition medal in three colour versions Its shape and finishing elements refer to a bicycle wheel shape.

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Detska Tour Petrasagana medals in three colour versions

There can only be one winner of a cycling competition. But all those who reach the podium should also be adequately rewarded. To this end, competition prizes in the form of gold, silver and bronze medals have been used for a very long time. As for the Detska Tour Petrasagana competition, we decided to recognise cyclists’ commitment in a similar way. So, we designed original cast medals in three colour versions. Their classic round shape is softened with holes made to resemble a bicycle wheel. Thus the design truly reflects a cycling competition character. Moreover, the surface decorations can be felt under your fingertips. They include the event logo and name catching the eye thanks to their three-dimensional design.

Unique medals for cycling events

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Features of the medal:

Round shape
Ø 60 mm
Antique gold
personalised ribbon

Personalization techniques used:

High pressure casting
Colour filling

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