Medal Junior Cup

Bespoke medal for Junior Cup

Features of the medal:
Disciplin: run
Dimensions: Ø 50 mm
Neck ribbon: personalised
Medal color: gold, silver, brown
Additional information: lots of details

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Standard - 70 mm

Standard 4,5 mm

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Casting medal for SK Junior Cup

SK Junior Cup is sport shooting competition for young shooters. This event is organised by PSV Olympia Berlin.

The winners receive our cast medal, which we have produced in 3 colours: Gold, Silver and Bronze. The logo of the event was embossed in the middle of the medal. The shape of the medal remained classic according to the customer’s wishes.

The medals have a personalised ribbon with the logo of the event.

The cast medals are heavy and of high quality. They are ideal as prizes for athletes.

We producing medals according to the customer’s request

Our medals are cast from ZnAl. After the design of the medal is created and approved by the customer, we make a steel die. Each medal is made by casting a heated zinc-aluminium alloy into a steel mould.

We made the medal for the Junior Cup in three colours according to the customer’s wishes: Gold, Silver and Bronze. The medals received a personalised ribbon.

If you are interested with cooperate with us just contact us! As a large medals manufacturer we offer wide range of products and possibility of personalization them individually!

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