What do we need to pricing a medal?

adjust medals price to your budget

“Combining” the parameters of the medal

We produce medals in different, sizes, thickness and complexity. Thanks to such possibilities, by “combining” the parameters of the medal, we can adjust the price to your needs. The company provides its customers an in-time and complete service with the highest quality.

Which aspects affect the price of the medal?

We try to advise and fit your budget you want to spend on medals. There is several aspects which can lower the price.

lead time

if we have more time the price can be more attractive

amount of ordered medals

If you ordering more medals we can offer you lower price.

number of different designs
the thickness and the size

standard thickness is 4,5 mm and the size 70 mm

complexity of product
additional possibilities of decoration

like painted or rotated elements

type and thickness of the ribbon

You organize several events throughout the year?
Contact our consultant by phone or send pricing form. We will prepare medals free quotation for you!

Preparing the medal artwork

Our designers are people with many years of experience, perfectly combining the aesthetics at the highest level, with the latest technical capabilities. They operate efficiently, carefully listening to the clients’ guidelines. They aim to provide artworks that will meet and even exceed the expectations of the clients. They only need a few details from you that will make their work much easier. Try to describe your idea and requirements as accurately as possible.

  • Size, thick, colour and shape of the medal
  • Information about openwork or colour elements ( which element , what colour)
  • The name and date of the event , texts and logos ( cdr., ai. or pdf)
  • Kind and colour of the ribbon, all texts when needed
  • Kind and colour of the medals‘ case
  • Other information

You can also send us your ready-made project, we required it in Corel Draw (cdr), Adobe Illustrator( ai.) PFD or EPS file. Ready artwork is sent to you in a few days- no matter how big your order is, this service is always free of charge.

Standard and personalised medal ribbons

In our offer you can find medal ribbons which will suit medals, military medals, awards and decorations. Doesn’t matter which type of medal you choose, good quality ribbons will be perfect match for them. You can choose from standard ribbons in various colours or personalised medal ribbons with colour print on them!

Sublimation satin, personalised ribbons with colour print. Ribbons are available in few widths, including standard one – 20 mm and are 900 mm in length.

Standard, made of woven polyester ribbons, available in many colours, sewed to the medals or attached with a metal hook.

Do you need any assistance with choosing the medal?

Our experienced advisers will help you in each issue regarding the medal choosing